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The mansion FoxCloud,

The 60-year-old portrait Shusaku Hisashi Hiroshi six years
The mansion FoxCloud, Hanayama village Bajon prepared for

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Opening Hours
●: from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

● Children 100 yen
Groups of 20 or more 20% discount off adult 200 yen

●: Monday to Wednesday (except holidays), March 31 from December 1

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●: 30 minutes drive from Tohoku Expressway interchange Tsukidate

● :0228-56-2656
The mansion FoxCloud, Hanayama village character
family homes located kusaki Oda Sato
The dam was reconstructed by Oda.

Taro Shigeru seventh generation of the family head is born and raised in this area, with the largest dojo in Edo after

Swordsman of the Edo period, who is said to be recognized as a genius in swordsman Tiba Syuusaku.
Mr. Sato was the senior statesman of the house under Aneha
Kawaguti moved to the village and the servants of Endo after
Hanayama village moved to the district agriculture kusaki Oda,
Into the liver during the Tokugawa period,
Then served as mayor Dearimasu family.
This building has been estimated that before the end of the eighteenth century this region but rare,
It is invaluable